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Janine Hickl is a versatile artist from Vienna, based in Vienna and London, working as an actress, singer, voice-over artist, and swing dancer.

After completing her degree in performing arts, she continued her acting training in London and Vienna. Throughout her career, she has performed in various film and television productions, as well as on the stage. She has been part of short films, advertising campaigns, and TV series like "Soko Donau“, "Erbe Österreich" and "Walking on Sunshine". In 2021, the short film "Luna" was selected as the winner at the "London Independent Film Festival" and the "Across the Globe Film Festival in New York". Additionally, Janine Hickl was honored as "Best Actress in a Leading Role" by the "Across the Globe Film Festival New York". In 2022, the short film "Hysterical Sisters" was nominated for "Best Short Film" at the "Austrian Film Festival" and has received multiple honorable mention from international film festivals.


During her musical journey, Janine discovered her affinity for the swing genre. This passionate dedication is evident not only in her performances as a singer for various bands but also as a swing dancer. Her work with the Swing trio "The Reveilles" with whom she has been active since 2017, particularly captures the vibrant energy of swing and brings new life into the close harmony style.

Inspired by the great chanson artists of past decades, she also developed a passion for chansons. Her deep understanding of the unique stories within the German and French repertoire is showcased in diverse productions she produced and performed alongside renowned musicians. She has dedicated herself to preserving classical chansons and old musical pieces from fading into obscurity. Her interpretations maintain the authenticity of these pieces while making them contemporary and accessible to a wide audience.

In 2023 Janine Hickl celebrates the premiere of the one-woman show "Nothing in Between - the Simple, Complicated Life of Hedy Lamarr" in New York. The play narrates the biography of Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, who sought her place in a male-dominated world of film and science. In the role of Hedy Lamarr, Janine Hickl recounts the highs and lows of Lamarr's life, from her rise to fame to the personal challenges she faced both professionally and privately.

She kicked off 2024 with her solo show "DIVAS – Les Grandes Dames de la Chanson." "DIVAS – Les Grandes Dames de la Chanson" is a musical journey through the history of German and French chansons. Together with Bernd Leichtfried on the piano and Maria Boneva on the violin, she takes the audience into the world of famous screen stars and leads them on a stroll through the streets of Paris. They discover sensual melodies of the golden age of cinema up to the powerful anthems of the 70s. The play is a tribute to the unforgettable chansons of these years that has ben captivating generations.

In addition to her work on stage and on set, Janine Hickl is active as a voice-over artist. Her voice can be heard in international projects, including commercials, podcasts, corporate videos, and e-learning materials. As a dance teacher and choreographer, she teaches various dance styles and creates individual dance performances for private and public events.

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